Top Web Performance Hotspots for #BlessedRamadan eCommerce

Over the past few years the majority of the WPO (Web Performance Optimization) experts I know have focused their attention almost exclusively on the US & European markets – so have we. However this year we’ve been asked to look further ... More >


Transaction-Centric NPM: Enabling IT/Business Collaboration

IT Operations and Digital Disruption One of the consequences of digital disruption is that IT is propelled much closer to users, who expect applications and services to be available and to perform well anytime, anywhere, on any device. ... More >


Common Architectural Pitfalls in PHP/Drupal Applications Identified in 15 Minutes

As a services architect I have visited a plethora of customers & mature IT shops from around the world. The following story is from one of my latest engagements at a prominent Belgian company that hosts various newspapers using an ... More >


The Art of DevOps Part IV – The Operational Battlegrounds

In this 4 part blog series, I am exposing DevOps best practices using a metaphor inspired by the famous 6th century Chinese manuscript: “The Art of War”. It is worth reminding that Sun Tzu, just like me, considered war as a necessary evil, ... More >


The 5 most common SharePoint Performance Insights you can take action on now

I’ve been on a SharePoint Performance Evangelist Tour for the past couple of months. Here are some of my contributions to make Users, and by result, SharePoint Admins happier than they are right now: Blog and YouTube Tutorial on ... More >


Top Five Benefits of Transaction-Centric NPM: A Recap

I recently participated in a webcast that I called the “Top Five Benefits of Transaction-Centric NPM” – resisting some internal pressure to use the more common “Application-Aware NPM” or AA NPM term. Google the term “Transaction-Centric ... More >


Keeping things simple with Node.js

So you just installed Node.js on your system and want to start a short "Hello world" example that renders a simple HTML page? You'll soon find out that Node.js offers a very limited set of features out of the box. Paradoxically this is one ... More >


Velocity 2015 – Highlights from Last Day

Entering the last day of Velocity. We – Andreas Grabner (@grabnerandi) and Harald Zeitlhofer (@hzeitlhofer) – continue to blog our highlights of those sessions we get to see. Here is the summary of Tutorial Day 1 and Day 2. 4:10PM: ... More >